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The Wisdom Hidden in Guanacaste

Guanacaste not only features natural beauty and the best resorts in Costa Rica, but also exceptional people. The Peninsula of Nicoya is considered a blue zone, a demographic area where people live measurably longer lives.


Being a blue zone is an incredible outcome! Scientists have studied the secrets that boost the longevity of the Nicoyans. They obtained knowledge on ways to live longer and happier. Take a look at these lessons from their inherited wisdom!


Purpose in life


Nicoyans have a strong sense of purpose. They feel the urge to contribute to a greater good. Their relationship with others rule their lives. Family, friends and neighbors play a major role in their happiness. Nicoyan centenarians know how to listen, laugh, and appreciate what they have and where they belong.

Moreover, Nicoya people maintain a positive outlook and active lifestyle, even during old age.


Eat well and sunbathe


Nicoyan people have great eating habits. A traditional diet of fortified corn and beans may be the best nutritional combination for longevity. Furthermore, they eat little processed foods and antioxidant-rich tropical fruit is their secret. Nicoyans also drink calcium and magnesium rich water, which prevents heart disease.

They also sunbathe regularly, which boots the production of vitamin D for stronger bones and healthier bodily functions.


Respect the environment


Nicoyans have inherited a profound respect towards the environment. Calmness and peace overcome when you are in nature!

So strap your camera in your chest, grab your backpack and discover one of the greatest conservation areas in the world.


Discover the secrets of a blue zone


Our hotel in Guanacaste, is the perfect hub for your adventurous journey. Santa Rosa National Park is northwest of the Gulf of Papagayo. It only takes one hour to get to the largest and oldest national park of Costa Rica.

The natural beauty of Guanacaste hosts the best hotels in Costa Rica.  Stay at El Mangroove and grasp the millenary wisdom of the Nicoya People!


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